Feeding the Team

Sharing ideas with others can spark the creative fires and help to establish different perspectives. But the challenge isn’t so much in knowing this, as it is in getting it done. How do we as team leaders, parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches, etc. light that fire? How do we get our teams past the fears of embarrassment or failure? There’s only way to build a positive sense of self in our people, and that’s to start at the beginning. Establishing the desire to want to take risks and developing the need to prefer thinking outside of the box means work. From you. As their guide, you have to be diligent in recognizing every thing good that’s happening around you. You really need to choose to put time aside that’s dedicated to shape and to form strategies that will allow you to catch every amazing feat that your team is accomplishing. Then recognize it and then build from it. Use their successes as the foundation for future efforts making sure that THEY see that YOU see what they’re doing. Everyone—everyone—likes a pat on the back. Be that leader who gives them often.