Sir Isaac Newton once said that tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. Being tactful is something I often face when dealing with clients—finding tactful ways to explain that without it, they are at risk of losing, or at the very least, not winning, in their game of choice. Having tact is having a sense of what is appropriate in a situation and then being considerate when addressing it. It’s knowing how to be caring and thoughtful and respectful at the same time as you deliver important and valuable lessons. But tact is more than that—be sure you know how to avoid offending someone, that you’re aware of allowing good will and discretion to over ride above all else and that you carefully use, truth, diplomacy and judgment when handing difficult circumstances. Difficult conversations may often lack tact and if you’re guilty in that arena, I highly suggest that you consider spending some time practicing how to be better at it. Tact is paramount to success.