Knowing as I do that patience is a virtue, I work hard at building and growing my skill set in that arena. But not always with the success I might like! I know that patient people have better mental health and I know that they enjoy longer and healthier lives. I know also that they tend to be more likely to practice gratitude and that science can back up everything I just said. But there’s more. People who are patient make better neighbors, more dependable friends and are both more equitable and more forgiving according to a 2014 study. Apparently, patience also helps us to achieve our goals with a higher success rate. Why? Because patience helps people to realize the need for a slow and steady pace, ensuring that everything gets done and that it gets done well. There’s less need to race to the finish line thus erasing much of the mess we make while rushing to get there. Overall, Mahatma Ghandi was right when he said that “to lose patience is to lose the battle.”