Wanting More

It is truly astounding to me how often I hear a parent say that they feel guilty for wanting more. Or when business owners claim that they have what they need and so really ought not work too much harder as to exceed their goals would feel selfish. Folks—I’m here to say that in my opinion, we should never ever feel guilty about wanting more. My question instead is what do you want more of? Do you want more time to be with your family? Then make it. Release an obligation and play your priorities out so that you can feel good about putting loved ones before volunteering to be the office party planner. Do you want more money so that you and yours can breathe a little lighter and argue a little less? Great motivation to get the next sale. What could possibly be bad about wanting more if you’re doing it with a healthy, self-serving inspiration? The only time I can see where it’d be a bad thing, is if it became all consuming leaving you no longer able to see the forest through the trees. Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize and own your ambition!