Seizing Opportunities

According to countless old and tired sayings opportunities may lie behind a few doors and it may only knock a once, but I don’t buy it. I think that opportunities lay wherever we permit them to lay. I feel confident that opportunities do in fact exist and that there are times when it’s totally up to each of us to seize them and then to make something amazing happen. But I also, very strongly believe, that we CREATE opportunities. We dream, then we build. Our choice of direction includes several options, but if we decide to only look forward and make up our minds to only head out in a forward direction, then that’s exactly where we’ll go. Even when we get set back. It’s been said that luck is a matter of preparing to meet opportunity. Gambles, risks and unplanned diversions can go either way but if you’re thinking with a positive mindset, you’ll soon realize that every where you go will ultimately lead to exactly where you need to be. The only question remaining is what will you do when you get there?