I’ve never met a person who said there wasn’t at least one thing about their current situation that they wouldn’t mind changing; even a little. Take a look around you. Is there something you’d like to be different? Even a little? The gardens are too small, or your front closet is overcrowded with the last season’s clothes. Maybe your job is frustrating you or perhaps there’s a certain someone in your life that’s been annoying you. The point is that everything that should be changed can be changed. Somehow. The first step has to be in recognizing the need for something new. And the second step is in having the courage to do so. Start small- maybe pick something that feels out of sorts and choose it as a starting point. Make a list about what’s working and what isn’t and then look at both columns. Pick the easiest thing to change—if cleaning out the closet is too much and you simply don’t have time to do it, promise yourself that you’ll get the mittens put in a box. Start small but keep going forward.