Coming in First

Do you believe every child should get equal rewards at the end of a race or that we should reward only those who place first? After being a mommy of young children, and now working with whole families to help educate and build our youth, I have to say I wish there were a happy medium! Where everyone gets an award for trying but the ones who win, maybe get a brighter ribbon. I don’t think everyone should win the same thing because that’s not real life. I want to ensure though, that if a child tries—he wins. Something. It’s hard to see kids land in last place (I was often that child and it sucked) but it also helped to build me into the person I am today. I wish I had the little blue pill, that so many of you ask for when you write to me, but I don’t. All I can say is that regardless of what happens in the school-yard, be sure to recognize and to reward your little one for each and every heartfelt effort he/she makes. You’ll all sleep better if you do! I promise!