Making Transition Easier for All

Transitions are all about change. Certain groups of people struggle with it more than others but the truth is that most of us don’t like or enjoy it. Here are a few tips to help you and those around you, get through change with more success. First—be sure to break everything down and see exactly why the “what” is happening in the first place. Second be prepared. Know your path and stick to it during the transition. Third—why not consider using a schedule so that you can help to stay on track and on time while moving from one situation to the other. Know your end goal and the path to get there. Fourth—be sure to watch for signs of stress in you or your team. Stress looks differently in each of us but certain signs are often similar across the board like new attitudes, and changes in sleeping, and/or eating behaviors to name but a few. Finally, if need be, practice what the new normal will look like. The idea is not to alarm anyone and to ensure that those who are uncomfortable with change are both remembered and respected.