Teaching Others

Teaching others is part of being the boss. There’s very little choice when it comes down to leading a team. It’s about being a good leader and a strong guide. But we often struggle with that. People wonder if they’re being too kind, too easy or too loose. They wonder if they’re being too hard, too strict or too mean. And therein lies the obstacle that almost all supervisors have to go through (and get over) in order to be good at their job. Let me make this clear—in order to be an effective manager a few things need to be in place. Firstly; be sure that you know the job that the staff are being asked to do; understand the ins and outs of it and know what they’re up against. Make sure that you understand the challenges of doing the task and that you are prepared to model the outcomes you’re looking for. One of the toughest parts of leading is in understanding who’s following. I was telling an audience the other day that there’s only one answer that’s always right and that’s MODELLING BEHAVIOUR. As I said- be the behavior you seek in others.