Why So Long?

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a dear friend as we discussed how very difficult it can be for so many families as they save and plan for post secondary school in our country. It’s expensive and everyone knows it. I’m so proud of every single student who has done whatever he/she could do to get there. But the question was “why can’t we shorten the process to save money? They’re not in class all day so surely it can be done in less time.” The point is that education is so much bigger than the Three R’s. Being in college or university helps to teach our youth what learning looks like, what relevant learning means, how to keep the process ongoing for the rest of our lives realizing as we do, that when we stop educating ourselves, we stop evolving and helping our youth to want to do more. Post secondary includes a great deal of this—helping our future world leaders and game changers how to be effective, how to hear no and keep going, how to fail, how to succeed and so much more. That’s why.